Ferndale Banquet Hall - Premium Domain for Sale!

The Ferndale Hall domain name — — is now for sale to the public. This is the most popular domain for relevant searches for "Ferndale Hall" on the internet. Whether you are creating a new site, looking to increase traffic, or developing a new brand, is an excellent opportunity.

What are some of the advantages of choosing this domain?

Created in 2006 - is 10 years old

This is a well-aged domain (meaning it's been around for a long time), which helps it to rank highly on internet search engines since longevity is a sign of lasting quality and trust.

It is a short, evocative domain

A short, easy to remember domain name is the most effective for all kinds of advertising, whether on bulletin boards, TV, radio, flyers, newspapers, business cards, or the internet.

Ferndale Hall is an elegant and evocative name. There are many Ferndales around the world, and if you currently own or are in the market to own a rental hall, music hall, banquet hall, or hall of any kind, Ferndale is a beautiful and memorable name.

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Why is it for Sale?

The Ferndale Hall domain was purchased in 2006 for friends who were running a banquet hall in Barrie, Ontario. A few years ago they sold the business, but the new owners already had a domain name and so declined the offer to buy it.

How is the Sale Managed?

The sale of this domain is being managed through Flippa and their escrow service. Flippa is a long established and trusted domain name and website auctioning site managing millions of domain name sales.

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Bidding starts at $600.00 USD, with a "buy-it-now" price of only $2,400.00 USD.

We arrived at this figure using a very conservative price model of 1% of traffic generating leads and sales each year. This is an extremely low estimate for a buyer providing relevant services and using the domain to reach new clients. As you can see, the domain is priced to sell quickly.

If you are interested in purchasing this domain, please visit: - Auction on

Please note we are receiving offers both on and off the auction site, and the domain may be sold at any time. Bids and transactions on the site are guaranteed by Flippa Escrow.